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Whenever any electrical issues arise, they can immediately become a serious hazard for you and your loved ones. At Walters Electric & A/C of Alexandria and Jena, we strive to deliver safe and effective electrical work to the residents and businesses in Alexandria, Jena, and all the surrounding areas. All of our electricians are experienced, skilled, and qualified to handle any electrical repair or installation project that comes our way. We always inspect our customer’s electrical system to fix any potential hazards before they cause serious damage whenever we are working on any job. We are proud to provide electrical services to residents in the surrounding communities of Louisiana.

It is vital for your safety and convenience that you receive reliable electrical repair. Faulty electrical systems are the third leading cause of structural fires, so it is very important to get an electrician who knows what they are doing, someone who ideally knows what problems are most often to affect homes in your neighborhood and the surrounding areas.

Walters Electric & A/C continually provides homeowners with the highest quality, most long-lasting electrical repairs in the industry, we have a proven track record, and our technicians always hold themselves to the strictest technical and safety standards while also providing unparalleled customer experience. Our locally and veteran-owned electrical and HVAC company proudly serves our neighbors with the safest, most reliable, and honestly priced electrical repairs they need.

Jena and Alexandria Electrical Services

Walters Electric & A/C is determined to hold ourselves to the strictest standards, including compliance with all local and national codes dictated by the National Electrical Code (NEC). Our companies standards ensure that our customers' homes are always as safe and as reliable as possible. We also protect their investment: by complying with the NEC, our electricians make sure homeowners are able to sell their homes with minimal trouble.

For homeowners who are buying, selling, or considering a new home. Electrical inspections are important to

1. Understanding what exactly you are getting into.

2. Ensure the home is safe. Unfortunately, even newly remodeled homes may have neglected electrical systems with outdated design, aging components, unsafe issues, and other problems that range from inconvenient to incredibly dangerous.

It is also worth mentioning that older homes might not be up to the most recent codes in the industry, as the NEC is constantly improving and iterating. Even when a home is up to code, it still may not be suited for the demanding power needs of the average family home. With the ever-increasing demands of several laptops, smartphones, screens, and other devices for each family member, having reliable power everywhere in the house is vital in today's day and age. An inspection lets you know what you will be working with.

Local jurisdictions and code enforcement boards check for compliance with the minimum standards, as set forth in the code. Our extensively trained, skilled, and licensed technicians comply with all the local and state codes. Our technicians are specifically trained to flag and then take corrective action whenever needed to keep your property and family safe.

We know that the foundation of having a good company comes from hiring trustworthy and professional individuals, and you can be assured that those are the kind of people we hire. All of our electricians are expertly trained and highly knowledgeable in their trade. Each of them always complies with the strictest of safety standards and all the local and state codes. Additionally, we always hire each of our technicians depending on their ability to be friendly and provide genuinely helpful service to each of our clients.

We also make it a point to put each and every one of our electricians through continual education and training to keep them aware of the latest technology and methods to provide durable and reliable electrical repairs that last. As a result, all of our electricians are fully equipped to provide real long-lasting solutions instead of just quick fixes or band-aid-type solutions. The professional skills and experience of our technicians mean that you can enjoy peace of mind by the time we are wrapped up.

Every service call we receive, begins with a thorough diagnosis of your electrical problem. If we see an underlying problem is causing your issue, then we will find it and fix it to help prevent further problems down the road. Once we have a detailed diagnosis, we will go over it with you so that you are in the loop about what we are doing and why we are doing it.

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