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Being without heat during a Louisiana winter can be uncomfortable and even dangerous, so it is a good idea to monitor your furnace or boiler throughout the heating season. Call our team of expert technicians right away if you notice any of the following signs which can indicate heating problems:

- If you notice any strong gas smell. Call us right away! You may potentially have a dangerous leak in your furnace’s heat exchanger, which can leak carbon monoxide which is a dangerous and deadly by gas without a smell. Be sure to keep your carbon monoxide detectors up to date and with new batteries.

- If your furnace is starting to make strange noises.

- If your electrical bills are suddenly going through the roof.

- If you feel both hot and cold spots in your house.

- If you notice dust and dirt starting to build up quickly around your home.

- If Your furnace has stopped running. Steps you can do to troubleshoot it first: check the emergency shut-off and your breaker. Switch them off, then on again. If the system still doesn’t work, call us to determine the source of the problem.

- If you notice heating and cycling problems, your furnace runs and provides some heat but not enough to keep you warm.

- If your pilot light is yellow instead of blue.

It is very important that your furnace receives regular maintenance to ensure that it is working properly, safely, and efficiently. Routine maintenance is also able to extend the life of your heating system by several years. Be sure to ask about our annual maintenance agreements that cover your electrical, heating, and cooling systems and can save you money.

Heating And Cooling

Keep your Louisiana home cozy and warm this winter with Walters Electric and A/C heating and cooling service. We are more than equipped to handle any heating problem that you might encounter. We are available for fast service whenever you need us. Our heating services in the Rapides Parish include:

- Boiler repair, service, replacement, and installation

- Complete home zoning

- Furnace repair, service, replacement, and installation

- Heat pump repair, service, replacement, and installation

- Hybrid heating system repair, service, replacement, and installation

- Industry-leading guarantees & warranties

- Maintenance agreements for your peace of mind

- Thermostat installation and repair

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