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As it nears summertime, many residents are starting up their air conditioning systems for the first time this year. Unfortunately, some are finding out that things are not working out quite as they were expecting. In many ways, the long winter layoff can be the hardest time of all for air conditioning systems. The machines sit there without any regular use. Dust will blow into them. Moisture starts to build up, and contacts corrode. Before you know it, you are in immediate need of air conditioning repair in Alexandria LA. If you need to schedule a service in your home give us a call today at (318) 729-1086.

When the sun is beating down and it's hot outside, it is such a great relief to be able to escape from the heat in a nice cool home. We know how to help keep your central air conditioning unit, swamp cooler, or evaporative cooler working efficiently and to its full potential through our yearly air conditioning maintenance service. If you are having any trouble with your cooling system, we are able to solve the issue and return your home back to cool temperatures. Call us if you are in need of repairs, maintenance, or simply want to upgrade your cooling system or convert it to refrigerated air conditioning.

At Walters Electric & A/C, we take pride in being able to offer our clients prompt repair services that are precise and efficient. We know just how rough the spring and summer seasons can be for everyone, so every time we get a call for service, we send out an expertly trained and equipped service professional as soon as possible.

Once our expert technician is on the scene, his experience, and knowledge, as well as having the top-of-the-line diagnostic tools, will ensure that he can get to the root of the issue with speed and accuracy, getting you back to the comfort that you deserve. If it ever turns out that a replacement is needed, our AC installation team will help you choose the best unit for your family’s needs.

AC Repair Alexandria LA

An air conditioner malfunction or breakdown can quickly become an emergency in Louisiana's summer heat. Call our team at Walters Electric & A/C as soon as possible for quick and professional repairs all at a low price. When you need to repair or replace your air conditioning unit. You can always expect 5-star quality service from us!

Whenever problems happen with your air conditioner, they always seem to happen at the most inconvenient of times. In these situations, you need to find an Alex air conditioning repair company fast. But you also need an air conditioning company that will get the repair done right with integrity, at a reasonable price to you. We are here for all your heating and A/C repairs and installation. We offer quality workmanship that is fast and reliable all at the best price. When your air conditioning system is giving you problems, we will bring you the solutions you need.

Walters is here to help you whenever you are in need of it. We provide the ac repair Alexandria LA homeowners trust and prefer. For a friendly and fast repair from our experienced and certified technicians, call us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

There are numerous different AC companies that you can choose from. However, there are over twice as many reasons to choose Walters Electric & A/C. Our friendly professionals offer the best repairs and installations because we care about you and will always treat you like family.

We offer air conditioning repairs for all makes and models. No matter what your problem is, our team will always arrive on time and equipped with the correct tools to fix it. If you have any questions, fill out our contact form or give our team a call today to speak with a friendly professional!

We will work with you on your schedule. When your cooling system needs repairs, you should not have to put your life on hold waiting around all day on an A/C technician, which can conflict with both your work and life schedules. Our trucks are kept fully equipped to handle nearly every repair situation for faster service to get you back up and running in no time.

Thanks to all the years of experience and ongoing education our team has, we can handle any type of heater or AC repair including custom systems and uncommon brands that you may be using.

We understand that when your air conditioner just quits working you do have hardly any time to go shopping around. This is why we always offer our best price upfront for all repairs and replacements. We do not use any sales gimmicks or push to get you to buy services you do not need. We keep it very simple by always offering you our best price for any AC service. If you are in need of Alex ac services give us a call today!

Our goal is to save you money by both improving your home’s energy efficiency and also providing preventative maintenance services that are designed to help you avoid any unexpected repairs down the road. With that being said, sometimes breakdowns do happen, and when they do, you can always rely on us to get the job done without breaking your wallet.

It may seem like it takes a lot of work to deliver 5-star Alex heating and cooling service, but it comes naturally to us because we focus on you and providing you with the best service we can, always going above and beyond to always keep you satisfied. We will explain any problems you might be experiencing and all the available options you have to fix the problem. If you are in need of any repair, replacement, or maintenance, give us a call today!

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